Our Mission:


To provide a sense of dignity, purpose and pride to low-income persons in the community by providing appropriate clothing at no cost.



Our Volunteer Advisory Board:


Jon Pozega, President
Chuck Laney, Vice President

Sue McCorkle, Treasurer
Pat Auten, Co-Secretary 
Becky Nickels, Co-Secretary

Tara Andrews                  Barbara Downs
Chuck Charbonneau      Judy Craig

Roberta Logue                                        


Lila Houser, Emeritus

Delores Mead, Emeritus

The Renton Kiwanis Clothes Bank provides free clothing to those in need with a social service referral. Annually, nearly 8,000 individuals have been referred to the Renton Kiwanis Clothes Bank in need of appropriate clothing for employment, school, or basic need. They were provided with clothing free of charge by a caring community that donated clothes and funding to meet these basic needs.


The Clothes Bank has been an economic indicator, with more people being served during cycles of employment downsizing and outsourcing. As many as 8,000 clients annually have been provided with clothing, and more than half of which are children. We are able to serve many families who have no home or address, often victims of natural disasters.

Our History:


The Renton Clothes Bank began as an all-volunteer operation in 1965.


We are sponsored by the Renton Kiwanis Club and were incorporated as the Renton Kiwanis Clothes Bank in 2000.


In 2010, The Renton Kiwanis Clothes Bank was nominated as Outstanding Nonprofit of the Year.

The Renton Kiwanis Clothes Bank

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